Our Capabilities

We look at your business with an artistic eye. The updates and ad campaigns of your company are developed with.

Exhibitions Organization

Express Arab has special department for fairs organization and management organizing exhibitions and conferences

Express Arab seeks to understand the demands of the local market to identify the strength points of challenges and the available chances. Since we work in professional way starting from identifying the duty the general vision of the event and the advantage of such event to the society then moving to professional marketing stage to identify the audience with such event organizing exhibitions and conferences beginning from a well-studied strategic marketing plan reaching to the stage of execution and equipping on site according to top quality.) .


SMS Marketing

you can send a large group of SMS directly to the mobiles at a lower cost so companies can easily communicate with customers and promote what they offer

also to individuals in order to communicate with friends and family All this with high-quality format In addition to the possibility of linking SMS with different systems via (HTTP,SMPP) protocols which are used, for example, reminder for visit date to the doctor or reminder for advent of installments payment .

WhatsApp Marketing

market for your services intelligently whatsapp became current around the world this makes it an important tool in marketing of services by companies and businessmen via sending your content to your specific customers

whether text, image, video or file in direct and safe way so it is characterized by propagation speed to different customers in different places and also we can market with whatsapp in wide ways more than that used by other networks .


Google ADS

this service allow you to bring a large number of customers around the world where you advertisements will appear to in anywhere you want on internet

it depends on geographical locations which you identified and ages of targeted persons and their interests , this mean many visits to your site and more sales, all this through advertising campaigns carried out by express arab team .

Indoor & Outdoors's advertisements

We are engaged in offering Indoor and outdoor advertisements. Indoor &Outdoor advertising is something which reaches the clients while they are outside their home and is highly acclaimed than the broadcast print and internet advertising. Further, outdoor advertising is focused on marketing to consumers during the time they are waiting in specific commercial locations

Indoor & Outdoors's advertisements
We have a variety of printing media ranging from media for outdoor use and for indoor use such as:Banner, Flex, Vinyl, Mash, See-Through etc...
Also available indoor displays as Rollups, X-banners & Popup Stands.


Videos and Radio Ads

Express Arab creates brilliant multimedia presentations that will captivate your audience, delivering your message persuasively. Our creative team of production experts combines the best in copywriting, scriptwriting, digital graphics, photography, videography, video editing, flash animations, voice-overs and music, and much more to create attention-grabbing.

riveting productions. Whether it’s TV advertising or radio commercials, online streaming media, or interactive social networking websites or viral marketing videos for your website, YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook, our technical expertise will move your customers to act.

“What separates from usual and distinctive thing is Very slight differences.”

Seo Service

be the first who your customers and targeted people see when they look at which you offer on google by preparing your site for SEO this brings you more visits and also increase your customer‘s trust towards your services as well as enhance your brand and company‘s name in first pages in search engine.

The preparing process for search engines depend on “keywords” which related to your site content whether articles, services or products


Marketing for companies

This service based on special business strategies for achieving a good revenue for your company and highlighting the strengths and how to exploit it and also treat weaknesses

first we do a comprehensive analysis on your competitors within Joint labor market to show their strengths and weaknesses then another analysis for your market share and know its issues in order to determine the requirements of supply and demand, this help you to make your effort based on Productivity curves

Social media marketing

Benefite from the presence of the large audience on facebook, twitter, instagram and linkedin .. etc . where this service lets you to increase interaction with your customers and build a community interested in which you offer whether services, products and articles

also by paid ads which we ensure for you and choosing the appropriate platform for your work, you can attract more customers


Email marketing

among the advantages of email marketing that its ease and enhance your relationship with your customers, and from their live feedback you will know how much they benefit from your services so it is considered a way of promoting your brand .

And also advertising campaigns via e-mail, attract more customers, this gives you a special place among your competitors (and help you to improve the strategic plan) .

Honor to be one of our clients

whatever the size of your business, express arab able to provide best services for you which develop your position in your labor market . enjoy with express arab services and choose the best for your work .